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Chiropractic Treatment Following Whiplash

What is a whiplash injury and how is it treated at North Orlando Chiropractic?

A whiplash injury occurs after a car accident and typically are more common from rear end collisions.

See how the head "whips" forward and back and the tissues that are compromised.
See how the head “whips” forward and back and the tissues that are compromised.

For example let’s say you’re stopped at a traffic light in Winter Park and out of nowhere a car traveling at 15MPH hits you from behind.  The Force that hits the car is great and causes the head to “whip” forward and then once the force subsides the head then “whips” back.  Your neck and back are supported by ligaments and muscles that provide stability and flexibility to it.  Unfortunately these ligaments and muscles can only take so much force and when that force is exceeded they get injured.   This is sometimes referred to as a soft tissue injury or a sprain/strain injury.  Sprain means that there is tears in the ligaments and strain means that there are tears in the muscles and tendons.

Based on how large the tear and how much inflammation there is then it is either a grade one, two, or three sprain/strain.   In between two bones (vertebrae) in your neck and back you have what are called intervertebral discs that are made of cartilage and are designed to absorb forces to the spine.  In the above example of the car accident in Winter Park if the force was pretty large it could have been enough to cause a displacement of the disc called a bulging disc or even a herniated disc. At North Orlando Chiropractic we see these injuries often from car accidents and associated whiplash.

To treat injuries from a car accident we first do an examination to determine what injuries are present and if we need to get additional advanced imaging such as an MRI.  If we determine that there are injuries to the muscles and ligaments we will utilize manual therapy, stretching, electric muscle stimulation, moist heat and chiropractic adjustments.  If we think that there may be a disc injury then we will also do a specialized decompression in the course of our treatment.  Our goal is by the end of care at our office you will be as close as possible to your pre-accident state.   If you’ve been in a car accident in Winter Park and the surrounding North Orlando area give our chiropractic office a call.  We are confident you will feel better and function better after treatment at our office!

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