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Winter Park Chiropractic

Do you wait until your car stops running to get a tune up?

Maitland Chiropractic Clinic
Regular chiropractic visits to North Orlando Chiropractic can help you live a happy and pain free life.

Unfortunately most people do tend to wait until they’re experiencing pain or discomfort before scheduling an appointment at our chiropractic clinic serving Winter Park and the surrounding areas. In other words, they wait until their spine stops functioning properly or are experiencing pain in their back or neck before seeking our help. This is something that we can help the people of Winter Park and North Orlando prevent with a routine schedule of chiropractic adjustments.

Monthly or bi-monthly adjustments has been proven to not only help, but can help prevent these pains or injuries from ever happening.  A routine maintenance schedule with North Orlando Chiropractic can be a less expensive and less invasive approach that helps keep your vertebrae moving and the nervous system communicating properly. This will in turn prevent an injury in the first place, therefore saving you time and money. This routine maintenance is a drug-free way to help you live a pain free lifestyle that increases your well-being and the quality of life of the community of Winter Park and North Orlando.

Our  chiropractic clinic can help fix a subluxation* if or when one should occur.  If you think you have a subluxation and live in the Winter Park and surrounding areas we can help. These subluxations are what eventually lead to injuries and pain within the back and neck areas. Having a trained professional monitor your spine and its functionality is the best way of keeping your spine’s functionality in working order.

So whether you are currently experiencing back or neck pain, or if you have in the past and currently feel fine, please contact our Winter Park Clinic today to schedule your consultation to find out more about how we can help you live the happy, healthy lifestyle that you deserve.


*Chiropractic Subluxation is the presence of an incomplete, partial dislocation or structural displacement of the vertebrae.

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