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What caused my neck or back pain!?

Many people in Altamonte Springs and North Orlando ask me what caused their back and neck pain and how can chiropractic help them.

Dr. Alex Hollander

They tell me that they want to be able to play with their kids without having back pain, to be able to do chores around the house without having to sit down after a few minutes or to just be able to walk around the lake without a nagging neck complaint.  One of the common questions that the people in Altamonte Springs and North Orlando ask us is why do I feel this pain?

The answer isn’t that simple.  If there was some sort of trauma like a car accident or a slip and fall and the patient felt the pain right after then it is pretty obvious.  In the car accident scenario I typically tell our patients that we were simply not built to be hit by a car that weighs a few tons and especially if we are sitting still.  Let’s say you’re stopped at a red light in Altamonte Springs, FL and all of a sudden you get rear ended by a car going 20 MPH.  The force that is generated is astronomical and our bodies were simply not made to sustain this type of trauma.  In this scenario the reason why our patient might be in so much pain is obvious.  However, this is the exception and most people come to our chiropractic office with pain that started gradually and we hear them say “I didn’t have any type of injury and this pain came out of nowhere”!

Usually I tell them that although they are just now having pain does not mean the problem just started.  The injury was most likely a culmination of many events that were hard on your back and spine.  It could have been years of improper posture, lifting items the wrong way, or just a sedentary lifestyle that could have built up damage to the joints and muscles of your spine.  Also, lifestyle factors like stress at work and not giving your body the right nutrients it needs could also affect the back and spine.  Typically this results in fixations and subluxations of your spine and affects nerve function.  Basically your spinal bones are meant to have motion in them and when they are injured they become stuck or fixated.  When they are stuck and fixated it puts pressure on your nervous system and can lead to pain and other problems.  We provide chiropractic adjustments to the people of Altamonte Springs and North Orlando to help get the spinal bones moving better and to reduce the pressure on the nervous system.


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