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Auto Accidents, Injuries and Immunity

Immune system blog NOC

Chiropractic care is the best pill free way to help with aches and pains due to injuries that come from

everyday living, sports injuries, car accidents and on-the-job repetitive movements. It’s not a matter of

getting old, it can happen at any age, it’s a matter of misaligned skeletal structure. How many times

have you bent down to pick something small up off the floor, stood up and it hits you like a ton of

bricks? The pain can come in an instant. Usually your back or neck seem perfectly fine one minute and

the next you have a hard time just walking. The severe pain that comes from skeletal misalignments can

be severe and happen with the simplest of movements causing debilitating muscle or tendon pain. This

is usually the main reason someone comes to our Maitland chiropractic clinic for the first time. What

most people don’t realize is that these common injuries can be avoided with regular alignments at North

Orlando Chiropractic. To top that off, the health benefits of regular alignments or adjustments can help

boost your immunity as well.

By correcting spinal alignment your immune system can benefit greatly because your ligaments, nerves,

muscles, tendons and organs are all connected and can operate efficiently. We focus on spinal

abnormalities called vertebral subluxations. These subluxations interfere with the functionality of your

nervous system by causing unnatural pressure on the nerves. This inhibits normal functioning and

causes a breakdown in your immune system leading to being more prone to illnesses and viruses.

It’s been said that people who see a chiropractor on a regular basis can have up to a 200% increase in

strengthening their immune system.

Yes, the cold and flu season is now becoming a distant memory for most of us. If you tend to always get

sick during this time and don’t understand why it is that you’re always getting sick, visit North Orlando

Chiropractic and we’ll see how we can help optimize your immune system before the “sick season”


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